Sanford Social is a renegade team of tireless folks dedicated to staying on top of the ever-changing algorithms of social media.

Jordan Sanford


Social media authority and bold leader, Jordan is the vision and “magic touch” behind Sanford Social.His strategies, creative hacks and obsessive desire to be first to understand every little change in every little algorithm has been the secret to the success behind the brand we touch. Born and raised on the mean street of Medina, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland), Midwest work ethic is in his DNA.


Chris Miller

Partner at Sanford Social, CEO of MABL Digital

With over a decade of paid media experience, Chris leads our sister company, MABL Digital, which handles paid media engagements in the social sphere. His expertise in finely tuning and constantly A/B testing campaign after campaign, makes us think he was probably the kid growing up that loved to tear things apart – just to rebuild them. But he doesn’t just stop at data. Chris’s knack for creative ad copy and messaging makes sure your campaigns are infused with as much culture as they are salesmanship.

John Gadd

Partner at Sanford Social

Chairman of Become Known
A serial entrepreneur since his first neighborhood landscaping company at 10 years old, John has founded and helped numerous companies scale over the past 2 decades, even if it means setting a Guinness World Record {link to Hotcards Burn documentary} for lighting people on fire. While he spends most of his time in the marketing and creative space now, a well-manicured lawn is still important. John plays an active role as the “grease in the gears” at Sanford Social, a member of the Become Known family of companies.



We’re constantly looking for passionate socialites with tireless work ethics to join our growing team. Turn your passion into purpose at Sanford Social. Send us your resum


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